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onts are far too expensive!

Before they found out about infiniType, many of our customers thought that it was impossible to get high-quality fonts at decent prices:

Cheap or free fonts are available in large numbers. But many of those fonts are literally worth what you pay for them: incomplete character sets, shaky outlines, unacceptable printout quality – soon spoiling your fun with that "bargain".

Quality fonts that provide complete character sets and print out in high quality are expensive. Very expensive. They are often $200 to $300 for a single font family.

How about a smart alternative? An alternative like infiniType the font library with value for your money:

9,999 finely crafted typefaces – this guarantees first-class results on any medium, be it printer or web, typesetter or plotter.



Fonts included in 3 formats: PostScript Type 1 for Apple Mac as well as PostScript Type 1 and TrueType for PC. Fully portable between Mac and PC!

Comes with classics like Baskerville, Bodoni, Franklin Gothic, and Garamond, but also with many typefaces that you will not find in most other libraries.

infiniType makes premium type affordable. It's about time.

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Download 20 typefaces for free:

Would you like to try out infiniType? Here you'll find 20 of these premium-quality typefaces as a free download:

PostScript for Apple Mac:


PostScript for PC:


TrueType for PC:



9999 Quality Fonts for Mac & PC